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A few shots of Wales are up

Hi y’all!

I know I promised photos of Wales several days ago, but hey- gimme a break. I’m a busy girlie. 🙂

I’ve got two new pages up on my dotmac* site in a new directory all about Wales. In it, you’ll find a cave that was visited, (Porth-Yr-Ogof), as well as a small castle ruin called Dryslwyn. I’ve got lots more to add to the Wales section of my dotmac, so stay tuned. I’ll have loads more up over the next few days. (Some are absolutely amazing!)

That’s it- just a quickie post about that update. I’ve got a couple of other posts in draft status, so I should be able to let those fly over the weekend as well.

Mucho smooches!

*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.

An update post for you

Hi all! I’ve only got bits for you in this post. Don’t expect witty story-telling or clarity of directive. Nah- just posting about some stuff going on around me this week. 🙂

Got that issue with shoes sorted. I went to a couple of shops in Nicholson’s Centre thinking, “Hmmm… Trainers in the windows… Sporty looking outfits… They must have a wide selection of sport-specific athletic shoes to offer.” Oh, how wrong I was! This ridiculous obsession with sports attire that the chav population is perpetuating seems to be seriously throwing a mega-spanner in the average consumer’s ability to find and purchase what they’re looking for. So, at the second shop I asked the till person, (who was very busy talking to another shop employee), “Hi. Do you know of any other local shops that might have athletic shoes instead of fashion trainers?” He seemed to understand my dilemma and told me about a shop on the High Street that was “going out of business” and I could try there. Funny- a genuine sports equipment dealer going out of business, but fashion sportswear shops keep cropping up like fast food restaurants. I sense a connection… I digress. I found the shop, (not at all looking like it’s going out of business), tried on two pairs of shoes, Nike and Asics, settled on the Asics and went on my way. I have to say- nice shoes. The feet love them. Walking is even more appealing as a means of caloric decimation now. Streets of Maidenhead beware… I will tread on you. (In comfort.)

Got a big thing going on this weekend. No, I’m not attending Charles and Camilla’s wedding or the Pope’s funeral… But, there will be friends, food, and laughs- then I’m off on a little holiday in Wales. Castles and pony trekking await me. You’ll see pictures, I promise. The castle I’m due to visit is Castle Carreg Cennen. It looks amazing. Life is good. Be happy. 🙂

After my return, I’ve got some catching up to do with the RSPCA. I’m enquiring about volunteering with them. As an experienced animal rehabilitator and careperson, I stand a good chance at being able to volunteer some very useful skills for them. I’ve been seriously involved in animal welfare for ten years in the US and would love to continue the trend here. This would fulfil a couple of needs: A) the lack of animals in my life, (the fuzzy welshman I live with doesn’t count in that category 😉 ), and B) the social aspect of volunteer efforts. I would be meeting more people.
The RSPCA is well-respected and I thought I’d check it out. I’m not sure if that’s were I’ll end up donating my time, but I need to start somewhere. I’ll keep you posted.

That’s about it for now- hope you enjoyed the pasta post. I got an email from a friend who says he’s gonna try it. Well, let me tell you- it reheats beautifully as well. I microwaved a big plastic storage container of leftovers I’d boiled for dinner last night and it rocked. Good, simple food made with heart. Yum.

I’ll try to post before I go on holiday, but if I don’t get the chance…

(extra) smooches~

Photos of Old Sarum on my dotmac

Hi all-

In a complete 180 from my last post, I’ve come to deliver fun news… 😀
I’ve posted new pictures in the My Life in the UK section of my dotmac* page. You’ll find my recent visit to Old Sarum, a hillfort turned castle, documented with loads of pictures there. As always, you can find that link on the right hand side of this blog under the More of Me section, or you can follow the linky-poo I put into this very post.



*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.

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