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Iffyton – uniquely British t-shirts

…And maybe that’s why many of them don’t make sense to me, like the one my husband picked when we were offered a t-shirt for review. I had no idea who Lord Lucan was, but the shirt made him laugh…

As familiar as I am with lots of British culture, there are whole sections of Iffyton I don’t really get, but they do have a growing selection of shirts that seem less specific. Most of the range, even the non-Brit specific, aren’t to my taste, but I’m maybe a bit picky on my humour and imagery.

As for the Lord Lucan shirt, Neil says it’s average quality in softness and fit, but nothing particularly outstanding. Most of the shirts aren’t to his taste either (and neither of us is a football fan) but he was able to explain plenty of the references to me.

Iffyton leaves us a bit neutral. It’s unique in its offerings, but too cultural-reference oriented to offer our wardrobe much. However, if you’re looking for British shirts with attitude, Iffy’s got you covered.

Iffyton T-Shirt provided for the purpose of review by Iffyton T-Shirt Superstore.
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A new fan of Vans in the house

It’s been a long time since I wore Vans myself (and an even longer time since I last skated in a pair), but when the lovely folk at Extreme Pie offered us a pair to try, I did the right thing and introduced Neil to the brand.

His thoughts on Vans?

The quality construction of these is immediately obvious when you open the box. They feel solid in the hand, as though they’ll be happy putting up with whatever you want to throw at them. This sturdy feel continues when you wear them, without feeling heavy and too bulky, and they feel very protective on your feet. Grip is superb on all surfaces.

I’m not used to expensive sports shoes, so the need to give these a little run-in time was a surprise. Initially stiff and a little uncomfortable, they started to give after a day of wearing around the house. After a few days, they have softened-up nicely, though still have some way to go to fulfil the comfort they appear to promise.

They are a little bulky for my taste, around the ankle, and particularly the tongue. With my foot shape, a heavy tongue can be tricky to settle in the correct position, and these were no different. It took a little time to achieve the desired tension through the laces. The shoes grip the laces quite firmly, so there’s less scope for them self-adjusting on your feet, and I’m still fiddling to get the tension just right and avoid foot movement within the shoe, particularly at the heel – though this is not an uncommon problem for me. Again, this is all a matter of giving them run-in time, much as you would expect from a good pair of shoes.

These Vans look and feel as though they will last me years.

Sounds like a new fan of Vans to me. For what it’s worth, I agree with most of what he’s said about Vans; I found my Vans chunky and needed a run-in, etc., but they indeed lasted years and years.

There are several things that caught my eye in the Extreme Pie shop, and with this coastal life we’re leading, I’m sure we’ll be doing a little future kitting out with them.

Vans shoes provided for the purpose of review by Extreme Pie.
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You can also find Extreme Pie on Facebook and Twitter.

Storm Tea review – put on the kettle!

The kind people at Storm Tea sent me a little taster pack of their gorgeous little ‘silk pyramids‘ organic tea to try and as I type this, I’m having a cup of the Organic Red Berry & Rose. This is a strange enough thing for me as I’m not typically a berry tea person, but there is something special in these bags, and you can tell it by look and smell before the stuff ever touches your lips.

The Organic Red Berry & Rose has a bold, tangy flavour that you won’t be accustomed to if you’re drinking any of the big name brands. Dry, it smells divine and looks like big, chunky potpourri. It steeps fast and turns your hot water a gorgeous, natural red. Drunk hot, the flavours are big and rich. If you let it sit until room temperature (which I do often because I’m forgetful) the tea becomes a really refreshing berry drink, one I can imagine would make a really amazing iced tea. (Might try doing that…)

I wish I had more than the one bag of the Organic Pure Peppermint, as it is very good. I like peppermint tea and keep it on hand, but I’ve never had anything smell so fresh and good for me. The chunky dried leaves in the pyramid look top quality and the taste is so rich for a peppermint tea; you can actually taste the natural peppermint oils in the walls of your mouth after every sip- delightfully fresh.

I have been spoiled with Storm Tea. I think I enjoyed this even better than that time I reviewed chocolate… yeah, I know!

Get some.

(You can find them on Facebook and Twitter too…)

Tea provided for the purpose of review by Storm Tea.
I have not been paid otherwise.