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A stop in Boscastle today

I taught life drawing this morning – as I do every Wednesday morning – and then had a nice lunch at our local haunt with Neil and Pete. Afterwards, I got myself mentally prepared for my annual medicine review (for ADHD and anxiety/bi-polar) with my doctor this afternoon. Lo and behold! my appointment is actually for NEXT Wednesday, not today. Talk about being early for an appointment…

As it turns out, I was not only early by a week, but also early by nearly forty-five minutes, so Pete and I took a stroll down to the harbour. There’s been a little hint of springtime in the air today, and Boscastle is not yet bustling with tourists. Quiet and lovely by the sea. We both needed the mental reset of fresh air and a rock clamber.

Added bonus: Pete is now registered with the local GP, so he’s now got a local doctor if needed. A perfectly successful trip up the road, if you ask me.