Realisations, exhibitions, summer, and such

Good morning.

The lazy blogger in me was about three sentences into a Facebook update when I realised I have a perfectly good blog sitting patiently, waiting for an update. Oh, blog, I have missed you.

There’s something nice about the long-form ‘status update’ that is done for reasons of expression rather than a quick blurt about how my morning/afternoon/evening/sandwich is going. I love Twitter still (even though my habits there have drifted a bit in recent times) and I tolerate Facebook, but blogging goes right back to the writing I did in html on a manually updated static site way back in the mid 90s. Jesus, I’ve been typing for a web eternity.

So, what was I saying on the faceplace? I am having a good September, if one compares it to the months/year or more that preceded it. Yup, I said it: September is good. I went through some desperately bad times before now, and although I still struggle with anxiety, depression, and the chattering monkey of ADHD, I am feeling a climb out of the hole happening during September. Here’s what’s going on (in no particular order):

I have a new video art tuition endeavour that is off to a magnificent start. Not only have I surpassed my own quiet goals on enrolments and potential earnings, I have smashed it and my class on Skillshare has earned enough to at least pay a whole month’s rent. I’ll know more when payday happens on the 16th, but by my estimates, the time and effort spent in writing, filming, editing, and promoting my very first class have been worth it. I have several more classes planned and partially scripted, so this will be a huge help in the ongoing battle to earn as a full-time artist. The success of this spoke in my professional wheel has had an uplifting effect on my mood, of course. I plan to release another video class this month, and that’s going to be hard work since I’m also preparing for…

Cruel and Curious ‘Sanctuary’ is a group exhibition taking place on the 23rd and 24th of this month. I was pleased with my personal success at the event last year, and so I handed in a proposal for involvement again. Work is going well on my part of the show, and the puzzle pieces of details are beginning to form wholes. I am producing more of an interactive experience this time around, which is no small feat. I am quietly confident it will at least be interesting, even if sales of works don’t match the success I enjoyed last year. People will remember the thing I’m doing, and that will contribute to long-tail returns.

Oh my goodness I’m typing typing typing. I think my blog is sweating.
And so am I. Daily. I’m fed up with being chubby. I’m about 15 pounds overweight for my size and after years of neglect, I started doing daily exercise again. There was a time when my yoga body was a thing to be proud of, and I’m determined to get that back. I am moving around and eating less, and taking a little better care of myself because the alternative is to continue to look at photos of myself life modelling (naked) or candid, clothed shots on Facebook etc., where I wonder how the hell I let myself go. My face is young but my body has been ignored for far too long. This stops in September, and continues for as long as I am able. It’s gonna do my brain a world of good too.

There are other things I’d love to write about (getting flowers, selling art, private tuition students, figuring out that it’s ok to hire someone to cut the grass, beach cleans, and more), but I have a puppy to go walk – not mine, but I’m a proud ‘aunty’ to a gorgeous setter/welsh collie mix – and you’re probably at the end of a tasty beverage anyway and maybe need a wee.

I’ll just have to write another post soon. I have a lot to catch up on… Hello, world, I’m blogging again.