Reading glasses and economics

I was beyond due for an eye examination, so I grabbed the Specsavers coupon for a £10 gander at my peepers and headed to a nearby branch. My close vision has been feeling ‘off’ for about a year, and after having been nagged by a couple of friends, I finally went to see what was happening. Mind you, I’m over four decades without a cavity in my teeth but my eyesight began to change years ago around the time I started working on CRT screens in a fluorescent light filled office. Could be coincidence, but I’m blaming that terrible flickering for beginning the downward spiral.

The vision I have is far from something to complain about, in fact, I rarely wear glasses unless I’m driving at low-contrast times of day. Sometimes I’ll wear them for a trip to the cinema or other entertainment, but generally speaking, I’m still in pretty good shape. It wasn’t until I noticed I had started doing the push-pull thing with books and my phone screen that created some concern. If I was deteriorating for reading, was I experiencing the same with my drawing and painting? Not much, but the reading thing was starting to become a bit of a bummer. And if I had my distance/general glasses on and needed to read something? You know the drill: lift-lower-peer over the rims, sink my chin into my neck… hello, grandma Jen.

I count around half a dozen or more pairs of prescription glasses in my drawers. Only one is current, but the rest are still perfectly good frames. I’ve just ordered a pair of reading glasses online, so that’ll be another pair kicking around, but I couldn’t beat the price. I could’ve got one of my existing pairs reglazed with the new prescription for about £25 (shipped), or order a completely new pair for cheaper. Like, crazy cheaper. £7.50 for frames, £5 upgraded lenses, plus shipping came to under £18 total. As a self-employed, not-yet-rolling-in-the-dough artist, I couldn’t pass it up. I would love to support Specsavers and buy through them – I did last time – but for reading glasses that’ll be worn intermittently… well, no-brainer, really.

Not an exciting blog post, I know, but I’m trying to get myself writing more frequently again. There was a time I wrote a blog post most days of the week; I know I can do better than the once a month I’m managing now…