Paddleboarding Crackington Haven

Conditions for stand up paddleboarding are hard to come by here on the North Cornwall coast. It’s either too windy, too choppy, or full of waves. Yesterday was one of those rare, perfect days and I was really glad I checked the surf report first thing in the morning.

After a quick drive down the road for a visual I jumped into action, explained SUP to our houseguests as they watched me pump air into my Origin Paddleboard, and darted down the road in my 2mm sleeveless wetsuit.
[Won’t get many more days for that one as autumn is upon us!]

I parked up, got my gear, and picked my way over the rocks to the water. Not a soul was out but a few tourists wandering the beach. The waters were mine and mine alone, save for a handful of seabirds.

A GoPro Hero – entry level – adventure camera is now part of my kit bag, as it keeps me from risking my iPhone at sea. This was my first time filming and photographing with it, and so the following video is of the clips and stills I took out on the water. There is also underwater footage clear enough to be mistaken for the Mediterranean!

It was a perfect couple of hours and the best time I’ve ever had on my paddleboard. It was peaceful, quiet, just challenging enough with the wind coming from the shore. I saw caves I never new existed, a waterfall, birds, and some of the clearest, loveliest waters you could hope for.

Enjoy the film.

Origin SUP and a GoPro Hero in Crackington Haven from Jen Dixon on Vimeo.