The difference a blue sky makes

Last evening, Pete and I were over at Neil’s for our weekly movie night. We all take turns picking a slip of paper from a jug of titles, then that becomes the randomly chosen film for the next week. This works a treat, and movie night – for us three – also usually involves random conversations about tidbits we’ve gathered in our ADD noggins over the past week or so. Neil mentioned being told about a person who is often deeply depressed because he/she can’t see the colour blue anymore.

Imagine that for a moment.
No blue skies. Ever again.

I’m sitting here in a big, comfy chair with my MacBook on my lap, the birds singing in the hedge just out the window to my right, and I can see the reflection of blue sky and fluffy clouds in the glass of the tv in front of me, and if I turn my head, there it is: blue sky.

There is a marked decrease in depression in the house and I know that part of this is down to the increase in blue skies lately. January was hard. REALLY HARD. Grey, dull, cold, wet, more grey, more dull, more cold, more wet. This weather trend has been letting up a bit over the last week and it is glorious. I worked in the garden yesterday. It was warm, sunny, and felt good.

This isn’t a blog post with a point to make, just an observation- a thought I had about blue skies. Now, I’m going to turn my head and have a look at this one right now. It’s glorious, and I’m fortunate to see it.

3 thoughts on “The difference a blue sky makes”

  1. Oh no – poor person πŸ™
    We have grey skies and rain today – but beautiful blue skies yesterday – and I know they will be back for me. I love the mimosa flowering yellow against the blue sky and I do not want to never see that! So grateful πŸ™‚

  2. The blue skies help. I’ve taken to making an effort to stare into them when they arrive these days because they are too rare right now (both a metaphor and not a metaphor) and they always make me feel a bit better.

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