On art and databases

– Written on my iPad, forgive choppy writing. –
Spent the day working through FileMaker Pro 13 (after more than ten years away from the software) and figuring out the best solutions for my art business. Turns out, most artist/art business/art collector/gallery software is built on FMP, so it’s a no brainer that to do what I need for my business, I had to buy it. I am very in favour of paying proper money for proper solutions, but it’s still so hard to part with more money than I make in a regular month from my chosen career. I know things are happening, but it’s still difficult in these “early” years.

Looking forward to launching my new online store (jenporium.com), newsletter, and pulling in some more private students over this next month.
I am determined to make it in this unapologetically difficult career space. It’s all I know anymore.

Hope to be in the studio tomorrow after two days at business admin.
Being a selling artist is so much more than drawing pictures all day… I would guess it’s closer to 50/50 art/admin. Still, I love what I do and don’t ever want to do anything else. An artist: it’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.

I stopped work around 7pm, had a lovely risotto made by my housemate Pete, and am now in my big, tatty, comfy chair with a glass of wine and Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking begging to be read.
So that’s what I’m gonna do till bedtime.
The rest of my career building starts again in the morning.