Why so quiet, jEN?

Because there’s a lot going on. Some good, some bad, some difficult, some sad. Oh look- accidental poetry 🙂

There is lots happening in my little pocket of the planet and plenty will filter out into public knowledge soon enough, but right now I’m chomping on cashews at my desk with some grubby drum and bass bouncing into my ears. That’s not a bad combo, even if it is raining outside and there’s no chance for a bit of skateboarding.

In art news, I’m still moving ahead with my plan to wrap up teaching life drawing this month. It’s been a helluva good gig and I have loved it, but there is a lot of personal/professional change going on and some things have got to give. I’ll still be modelling from time to time (call on me, Max) and will perhaps drop into a class for my own drawing time, but as of noon on the 27th of this month, I’m no longer a weekly life drawing teacher. I will miss it, I know.
I am a very grateful girl.

Other art stuff: Work is continuing to sell, but not at the rate I need it to. Strategy is in place and a few new approaches to ramping up sales are in the works. Today, I received a £400 balance payment on a painting to be picked up this month, and that’s exciting. Other big ticket works are selling too, but for every three or four digit price tag that sells, I have dozens of smaller works that need shifting so I can afford to eat. This is my focus right now- must get more affordable art into more hands. There’s going to be a big sale. Details soon.

I’m stripping down my studios after years of pack-ratting too many of, what I’d like to call, Items of Possibility. Yup, junk. You don’t need to be psychic to know I’ve got a trip to the dump planned.

The rain has just let up and I’ve got little birds rushing in for snacks on the bird feeders outside my office window. I’m going to wrap this post and watch them because they’re lovely.

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