Everything old is 24 again

I’m having an awesome day. Seriously, I am. Though I’ve been battling severe seasonal allergies (which have left me spluttering in bed for large portions of my days) I have located some prescription allergy pills from the last time this snifflepalooza occurred. This is helping, and I feel almost human today. Saying that, I’m still weakened, but have a spark back in my being. I took advantage of this and arranged a trip up to Bude (10 miles up the road) to poke around the outdoor skatepark. Sure, I masked the true mission with the old, “Hey, Pete, doncha have stuff to take to the dump and I need bananas from the store I might have my skateboard with me wanna come” but really, I wanted to put wheels to transition.

I’ve had insomnia off and on for about a month. For about a week or so, I haven’t been able to shut my brain off when in bed. One thing in particular has kept my brainmeats obsessing at all hours and that is skateboarding. I’ve watched videos, read some online magazine content, been looking at more retail sites and eBay auctions than is healthy – all about skateboarding. My brain is processing it all constantly, as it knows it needs to work overtime to digest 15-20 years worth of skate data. Two things strike me about these years I’ve ignored skateboarding: Firstly, there are loads of the old schoolers still skating and popular, and secondly, there has been a veritable explosion in the number of girls on boards. It’s heartening and inspiring.

So, Pete and I headed up to Bude. We did a few errands, then I drove us to the skatepark. No one there- perfect. We paid 50p for parking, then I strapped into my new kneepads, old elbow pads, and gave him my car keys. My trucks were too loose for my liking, so after a minor adjustment, I went to the halfpipe.

I haven’t dropped in yet (remember, I’m weak and full of massive amounts of medicines), but I did pump back and forth up the transitions, fighting the urge to smack up onto the coping. I’m not ready for that and I know it. What I did manage was to feel that old feeling of control and power on a board, gain confidence turning in the transition again, all while smiling like a drunken monkey in a cupcake factory.

I’m going to keep going during the unpopulated hours of the day to build my strength and confidence again, but if today was anything to go by, I’ll be improving to my old standards in no time.

After a little skate time

After stopping my skate session sensibly before I wore my allergy battered self out (and fall down – which I didn’t – WOO-WOO!), Pete and I went to the grocery and I got those aforementioned bananas and lots more. I noticed a sale price on Southern Comfort (Neil’s favourite tipple) and added it to the trolley. At the checkout, the lovely older lady at the till asked me for ID. Let me just say that again in a slightly different way… I GOT CARDED! WOO-WOO! I’M 42! She would’ve guessed 24, she said, hence having to ask. So, yeah. I revived an important part of my past and must have the glow of it. I also take pretty good care of my skin, so, you know, I’ll be continuing with that.

Hoping to skate a little bit tomorrow with a local surfer friend. Good times.

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