Here we go again

I have an appointment with a psychiatrist (first one in three years) this morning and I’m trying my best to be hopeful. I have spent (off and on) the last nine years trying to get the same, successful medical treatment for my ADHD as I had in the US. The NHS is only just catching up with the use of certain drugs and that’s fine [I know that the US is often accused of throwing prescription drugs at problems], but in the meantime I have been through the mental wringer. If this doesn’t work out today I am prepared to look into buying medicine from abroad.

I love the NHS and the mental and physical healthcare I receive generally, but ADHD is still very difficult to be treated for as an adult here. I’m so very tired of having been well in the US for a couple of years and then moving abroad only to fight for the same treatment. I don’t want to live half a life. I know what it’s like to be productive and happy. I just want to be listened to and function well again. I don’t want the wrong medicines anymore; I’ve had those in my brain for years.

I’m going to the appointment, as I go to all my mental health appointments, armed with my “folder of crazy”. That’s what I call the folder that contains all my US psychiatrist and therapist records, my printed emails with various mental health professionals here documenting years of trying to get listened to and treated, my own research with highlighted passages and drug terminology to bridge the US-UK divide, and my old pill bottles from the US (which still contain a few nine year old pills like they’re holy relics). I’ll have a bottle of water, a box of tissues, and my best friend.

Doing battle for my brain is getting harder every year. I hope today’s appointment changes this.

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