Dog logic

I’m typing this in a slightly winded state after chasing Jasper up the road. See, we have a couple friends and they have a couple dogs with whom Jas has shared many a romp and run. These friends did not bring their dogs with them on this visit, so Jasper smelled their car and went tearing up the road at full speed towards their house.

I can’t be mad at him, as I’m sure his hound logic is sound:
“Hey guys, your dogs are missing. I’ll go find them.” and off he went to do just that.

Thankfully, someone in the village stopped her car and got Jasper’s attention before he got too far down the road. All is well, but be warned if you think of adopting a scent hound- they really do think with their noses.

Here he is – looking particularly innocent – on the sofa last night.

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