Something good

The appointment with my GP went as I’d hoped it would. I now have a referral back to a psychiatrist for my ADHD and depression. It is only through a psychiatrist that Adderall can be prescribed as it is amphetamines. Seems an odd thing to give a person with attention issues and hyperactivity, I know, but it works. I hope I can get on it again, but that’s for a psychiatrist to decide. In my experience, my depression all but disappears when I’m on Adderall, and that’s what I will make clear.

The other accomplishment from last night’s doctor appointment was to begin the reduction of Citalopram in my system with an aim to quitting it. Today marks the first day of my half dosage. I expect some side effects, but I also look forward to seeing what my body on Strattera only can do. Who knows, perhaps the Citalopram and Strattera have been fighting each other in my brain… Dunno. The next month or so should be interesting anyway.

I’ve had some very positive feedback through various channels regarding what I’m going through. I’ve been told that my broadcasting these issues makes some feel less weird and alone. I’ve been told not to give up. Been given virtual hugs. Thank you. I will keep talking about my ADHD and depression because it helps me too. Perhaps one day soon I’ll be more upbeat and regular on this blog, but in the meantime I’ll do what I can and thank you for reading.

Now it’s time for me to suck down some coffee and finish my tax spreadsheets. Whoopee! 😉

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