The Wind in the Willows

There’s a new production on in the village, and as usual, I’m painting up the set and helping to construct props. This time around it’s The Wind in the Willows, and the cast is all children.WindWillows

Opening night is next Thursday, the 12 of December, and the crunch is on to get everything created, painted, and ready for the “technical” rehearsal this weekend. So far, I’ve repainted a repurposed car, made a hearth and fire, built and painted a boat, and have put a base coat of paint on a two-sided sign. I still have a couple of stand-alone props to make, and a one-sided caravan to repaint/refresh, but the real crazy pace begins once the set is built; that’s when I have to magic up all the stuff I can’t do until then. If only we had a dedicated theatre instead of sharing a village hall…

Until opening night, this is my primary job. It can be frustrating, but is so rewarding too. I keep volunteering for every production, so I must be a glutton for theatrical punishment.