It’s been a couple of days since my last post, and they’ve not been easy days. I have improved somewhat from the despair, and I am also recovering from a couple nights overindulgence with booze. I’m not proud, but I am human and not overly hard on myself regarding my poor judgement.

I want to thank you, readers, for reaching out in the variety of ways you did. I’ve had Twitter messages, texts, emails, and comments here and to the automated posting of my blog on Facebook. Thank you for caring, especially when I am incapable of doing it for myself.

In some cosmic coincidence, I just received some photos of my mom from a cousin. I’m posting two here and it’s insane how much my mom and I looked alike at this age (she’s the youngest in the photo):

And it’s obvious where I get my eyes:

It’s a beautiful day here; the sun is shining warm light over a chilly countryside. There are lots of birds on my feeders. I’m smiling more today.

I guess I just wanted you to know that I’m not well, but I will be. Thank you for being out there.

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