Welcome to your new life

My best friend is Pete Cooper. He’s weathered more bullshit in the past year and a half with a house sale and crazy divorce than you’d wish on an enemy. Today is the first day he is officially free of all that and I want to welcome him to his new life.

Pete, you’re an amazing person and I’m so glad you made the changes you’ve made to give yourself the life you deserve. We’ve always connected effortlessly, and I couldn’t be more fortunate than to have you down the road in this beautiful part of the world. After living in different counties for so many years, and the last year and a half being mostly about survival, I say we have a lot of mischief to catch up on. Welcome to your new life. Let’s make it count.

Love and hugs,
your best friend x

2 thoughts on “Welcome to your new life”

  1. (((((((((((((You have a wonderful way with words))))))))))))
    I know what a support you and Neil have been, thank you! xx

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