Dirty dog

After a mishap with his tractor, the farmer that works the group of fields behind the house needed to close one off, remove the tractor from the stream in the valley, and then repair the gouges in the field leading to the stream.
We like it when he closes off one of the fields, preferably not due to a farming boo-boo, but rather because we love to let Jasper off his lead in a controlled, yet vast and natural environment. Jasper is a hound. He tracks, rummages, and goes for distance. There’s a wooded stream in the bottom of the valley and enough open field for him to get a fantastic run. There’s also lots of poo in the field right now… and also on the dog.

Well, not anymore. I marched him up to the shower stall and gave him a bath. Now he’s all fluffy and clean, and possibly the most adorable dog I’ve ever known.

I’d give that face a mountain of sausages if he asked. (Don’t tell him that though- he’s clever enough at getting what he wants already.)