After many months of painting, ignoring, and painting some more, I have finished the largest canvas I’ve painted on to date. It has left me with mixed emotions; I love the size and challenge, but it is not a practical thing to paint this big in the space I have. Also, I have no gallery representation yet and so the odds of me selling a work of this magnitude on my own are bad. My big canvas, big sale days are near, I’m certain, but for now I think it best to go back to canvases a wee bit smaller.

Just finished: Chapel – 2013 Oil on 4′ x 5′ canvas

For scale, this is the painting drying in the guest/spare room over a double sofa bed.

Gonna be expensive to frame this bugger. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Big”

  1. Like it. For whatever it’s worth it makes me think of the chaining of how ants bridge a gap, except here- heterogeneity of objects in your painting.

    Anyhow, very neat.

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