The nature of things

I love nature. I love trees and flowers and animals and lying in the cool grass watching the clouds go by. Most of the time Nature is good to me. This season, not so much. I have been suffering allergies and mild asthma symptoms in a way I haven’t experienced in years – not since before moving to the UK in 2005.

This is not entirely the fault of Nature. I have a confession: I reckon I’ve injured myself to the point of being more delicate than usual. My immune system on this side of the Atlantic is robust. I haven’t taken prescription allergy meds or asthma remedies and it has taken a season of unusually bad weather to release ALL the pollen at once to make me sniffle. This particular season has hit hard because of my own stupidity, and this is me saying, HOLY COW, I’M DUMB.

I’ve been spray varnishing paintings, see, and not safely. This has weakened my immune system/lungs/sinuses. This makes any natural histamine grow in strength like a particular character baddie in Borderlands 2 where, when you shoot him in the head, he turns into a SUPER baddie* that is harder to kill. So, my inhaling spray varnish has turned Nature into that super baddie, and I’ve suffered something awful for more than a week now.

You’ll be pleased to know that I was thoroughly scolded by both Neil and Pete when they found out my varnishing safety measures were nothing more than me cracking a window open, holding my breath, spraying, and then running out of the room. Yeah. I’m Mensa in IQ but kinda dumb in other ways. I’ll be using a mask and better ventilation from now on, I promise.

So I saw the doctor yesterday as nothing over the counter in strength has touched my allergies. I told her how I was eating my own streaming snot from my bowl of bran flakes. She can take it, she hears gross stuff all the time, I’m sure. I’m now on prescription allergy meds to get me through this season, a steroid nasal spray to keep me from jamming a toilet brush into my skull for a scratch, and also a basic asthma inhaler to help me out when I need it. Add that to the two prescriptions I’m on to keep my unruly brain in better order and that means I have FIVE prescriptions now. It’s nuts. I don’t even like taking something for a headache…

The upside: I feel better this morning and more clear and capable than I have in two weeks. I did not eat my own nasal discharge for breakfast. Honestly, any morning you can say something like that should be celebrated. I’m going to celebrate by not wearing jammies or staying in bed today.

Watch out world, I can breathe. Goodness knows where this might lead.

*Goliath, if you’re interested in the reference.

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