Been nursing a bad shoulder

I’ve been frustrated with a nerve/muscle pain in my left shoulder for a week. It’s fading, but it’s been a real hinderance in everything from getting dressed to working. Hell, for awhile, it was holding me back from turning my head, so the fact that I have only a slight awareness of discomfort today is a good thing.

In other news…
Sold some work. Also, pretty sure I’ve nailed a local gallery to display some of my lower-priced pieces (sub-£200 level). This is making me hungry for more. Lots more.

I didn’t post this anywhere until today, but here’s a painting I completed this month. It’s just waiting for a frame, and what with the sales this week, I can afford it.

It’s got a sweary word in the title, but it fits. Allow me to introduce:
Dance, Motherfucker
2013 Acrylic and mixed media on 910mm x 605mm canvas.
You can see it better and ask about buying it on my pro site –

Now, to see if I can get a painting out without re-injuring my shoulder…