This can’t be right

I’m training for Tough Mudder, right? Well, I’m ramping up my daily exercise, and soon will be pushing myself a little harder with more specific training stuff. Currently, I walk, I do some treadmill work (and am now beginning to sprint on it), I have a little trampoline which is massive fun, and I have been working on my upper body with dumbbells and the 100 Pushups programme. A few days ago, I started taking crunches seriously. I have never liked sit-up/crunches what-have-you. Today? I’m looking forward to them. This can’t be right.

For the record, I’m up to 45 sit-ups at a time with a brief fifteen seconds rest in the middle somewhere. I’m increasing by five per day. I feel new things happening in my abdominal region and it’s mostly good. At this rate, I’ll be up to 100 crunches (likely resting between every twenty-five) in no time.

I can’t even believe I’m enjoying this.