Stuff everywhere. Piles, boxes, stacks, shelves… My office, studio, and scattered nooks in the house are full of stuff. It’s beginning to wear on my sanity as I long for a more streamlined, less chaotic existence. Decluttering is a surprisingly thorny word, as by occupation as an artist/maker I am a collector of useful things and things that may prove to be useful in future. I don’t have a lot of money (let’s just say, were it not for Neil, these concerns would be moot as there’s not a lot of storage space in a cardboard box under a bridge) and so I save and store all I can to help me create. I’m beginning to feel hugely snowed under in stuff, inefficient storage of said stuff, and the need of these things in general.

I want to shed a layer of stuff like a snake wiggling out of its skin. I want to look at my shelves and know what is there and have it look back at me with the peaceful order of the great British queue. I am getting ill over this, I’m sure of it. Obsessing. I need to do something to both reduce my requirement for so much stuff and to increase my sanity and efficiency.

Yes, I’m getting over a week-long cold and these urges are amplified when all you’ve done for a week is sleep and dick around on Pinterest, but seriously, man- shit must change.