Ray Mears would not be proud

I showed off my adorable* new multitool in the last post. Neil uses a multitool at least a couple of times a day for various bits around the house. He can’t imagine what it was like to be left to the simple life of only having fingers and a reliance on swear words or shrugs. Me? I’m new at this and although I’ve had a Swiss Army knife since I was a wee little girl, I am a virgin at carrying around a multitool.
Today, however, I was glad I had it in my pocket, but for the most un-manly of reasons…

I had to cut some of my hair out of the intake fan of my hairdryer.
I’m such a fucking girl sometimes.

Yeah. You have my permission to eat me when the end of days happens. I just might be busy dying. Dibs on my multitool?

*I can call it adorable, right? It totally is.