When a to-do list isn’t enough

I’m one of those people with a million things going on at once. I could write a to-do list long enough to circle the Earth, but all the lists in the world don’t help me with one major thing:
Pick a freakin’ task area and get on with it..

Sure, there are loads of to-do style applications out there for managing my crazy brain (I personally use Hit List) but I have ADHD- that changes everything. I can completely forget to look at digitally managed lists. I frequently do. I also do plenty of things that don’t require me to look at a digital device at all. Herein lies the problem. I need to go analogue with part of the process. I need to be able to see – on my wall – a selection of task areas from which to choose. ADHD is a funny beast- I can lose HOURS to unfocussed dickaround time, completely forgetting I have Hit List at all. My carefully recorded lists mean nothing to a brain which forgets they exist. I might be on eBay, or fixing songs in iTunes, or repairing shoes. Those things are valid, sure, but they’re not in Hit List, they are simply the first things that come to mind at any single moment and I engage with enthusiasm. My brain says, “I know what we can do!” and so I do it. Prioritising and timing are frequently not my strongest attributes.

Enter my new analogue solution: it’s a little A4 poster I could close my eyes and point at for direction. All these areas of my life need work, so it kinda doesn’t matter what I pick. Some days I just need a reminder that all these areas of my life exist. Yes, I forget at that level. Thanks, brain.
task picker

I have no idea how well this may solve things, but right now I am desperate for change in my daily work life. I get a fraction of what I could do done, but am looking to work more efficiently every day. My brain doesn’t work like yours or anyone else’s, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I need to get very simple sometimes to make this 145 IQ brain engage properly. I am smart, but I don’t work smart. Time to change that. Either that, or live half a life, and I assure you that isn’t an option.

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