Fill ‘er up

When I spend time in the studio, I typically work in either silence or loud music. I thought about that today and how I can fill my brainmeats with more learned stuff as I make pretty/ugly pictures. I do love watching art/art history documentaries, but as I get older, I feel an increasing dislike for the television. It steals time. Even when I want to see something (like a documentary), I put it off and put it off, as I feel little justification for sitting on the sofa staring at the telly, despite my choice in programming.

I think part of my beef with TV is that I’m so perfectly capable of blowing hours of time dicking around accomplishing nothing (thanks ADHD brain) that I can’t let myself waste more time being unproductive. More power to you if you can manage a healthy balance with your brain and telly, but I have been getting more frustrated with this over the last handful of years.

Also, most TV is shite we can all live without, but that’s another point altogether. (And, for disclosure, I play an occasional PS3 game, but those are rare and then I go months and months without picking up a controller again. I’m a woman of contradictions and all that, I know.)

So, back to the point of this anti-telly post that wasn’t supposed to be an anti-telly post. I want to fill my brains with quality information about art and art history but don’t want to always do it sat in front of the TV. Enter iTunes U. I had forgotten all about it until chatting with Pete over a cup of tea this afternoon. I’m currently filling my iTunes library with hundreds of lectures and videos on art and art history from top universities and museums around the world. I can play this content over my studio audio system. The video content can hum along in the background and if I feel the need to see something, I can turn around, pause, rewind, and view just that bit instead of wasting my time watching the whole thing. Audio will be enough in most cases.

This pleases me. This makes the telly-grump in me happy. Also, I’m going to be far more interesting/boring at parties with all this art shit I’m about to absorb. Invite me?

3 thoughts on “Fill ‘er up”

  1. I whole heartedly agree. TV, or in your new vernacular telly, sucks for the most part. Mine is sitting silent as I type this.
    I think it all comes down to content. There was a time when programs like NOVA had enormous content. So much so my young brain simply couldn’t understand it all, and now it’s all fluff and video effects. Pandering to the “BLAH” masses TV has sacrificed quality content for easily digestible bits of information.
    It really pisses me off.
    Fit you, if only there was an art equivalent of TED. (YouTube TED if you’re not familiar. One of my favorites is “Why do crack dealers liv with their moms” by Steven Levitt )
    Thank you for inspiring my evening rant.

  2. We never bothered to replace our television after Elsie the cat blew it up, some seven or eight years ago. We only ever seemed to watch the occasional film anyway, for which we now have a DVD player and computer screen.
    I hadn’t heard of iTunes U; so looking forward to exploring it.

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