The groove

I’ve had a very busy, peaks-n-valleys kind of month or so. Lots of projects on (less now, thankfully) and my emotions and mental/physical endurance have been tested pretty ruthlessly. I’m back into finding my groove now, after a cathartic evening of art, music, and drinking. I woke up feeling inspired. That’s how I know the groove is there, now I’m locking in my wheels and running with it.

It’s just 11am and I’ve finished a small painting/drawing and have been working on several more. Not in a manic sort of way, but more like a person who is determined and focussed. I’ve been listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs all morning and decided to blog whilst some paint dries. (That I even wanted to blog is a huge step forward. The mojo to do so has been noticeably absent for some time now.)

(Above: a dodgy in-camera HDR of the sea last night. It was gorgeous and roaring.)

I’m still not doing any more than automated posts on Facebook, and my tweets are sporadic, but know that I’m busy, and I still love every one of you. I’m finding my peace – my groove – after a tumultuous first half of 2012. I’ve got big dreams, big plans, and a big hunger for the second half to be amazing.

And I’ll blog more. I promise.