Welcome home, Pete

I couldn’t be happier for my best friend today. He’s in the home stretch for exiting his current unhappy life and will be restarting fresh in a house just down the road from me! I’m making cupcakes for his arrival, an effort I’m sure the moving van dudes will appreciate.

Tomorrow evening he’ll be crashing at ours, and I can tell him “Welcome home, Pete,” for his new life starts in this village when he arrives.

If you’re around my chunk of North Cornwall, you’ll see us about; we’ll be the dorks getting up to no good and laughing a lot.

One thought on “Welcome home, Pete”

  1. Please ensure there is a corner for me to sit quietly, and room for me to rock back and forth, and no-one that will be disturbed by incoherent ramblings.

    Or wine, that’s also good.

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