Entering the world of credit. Again.

I finally succumbed to the evils of having a credit card again. It’s strange to have this magic, nonexistent money after seven years without anything but a debit card in my wallet. I liked it better that way, honestly, as the money I spent was real, in-the-bank money rather than the addictive crack sandwich of ether-money.

Why did I get one? Society. Bloody awful society. When I recently changed mobile phone providers to a sim-only package with T-Mobile, I realised that applying for things on my own without any of the common signposts of independence was and can be detrimental. Instead of getting the sim package I wanted, I got a handicapped one, one for the no-credit folks who don’t own their own homes and may possibly never pay because I’m self-employed. “Can I at least pay for data?” “No.” T-Mobile put me on a trial period sim card which only allows me 100 minutes per month and no data whatsoever, until I establish credit with them. Gee, thanks. I did tell them I have a business and that data is important for me on the go, but no dice. Supposedly, I’ll be permitted to upgrade to the package I ordered after this next payment goes to them, but I am still grumpy about the whole thing.

It also points out to me the lack of trust and basic belief in humanity that the majority of businesses and/or people have now. T-Mobile assumes I’ll skip out on my payments because I haven’t any credit cards or a mortgage or a ‘proper’ job. It makes me sad that they must have been burned so many times by truly unpleasant people that it meant a shift in policy for all. Trust no one.
What a shame.

So I decided to get a credit card. It’s in my name only and will hopefully establish to the world at large that I too am a societally bound prisoner of expectations. Now, I just need to buy a house and get an office job and the world is my soul-crushing oyster. This is where we roll our eyes and breathe out a defeated sigh.

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  1. Wow! Hubby and I both have a pay as you go GiffGaff sim and I pay about £10 every two months or so for calls and data in my iPhone. I also have an awful credit rating being a non-discharged bankrupt. If I can get data I am shocked that you cannot.

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