Been working hard on getting more work out, in and done. I’ve signed up to Elance as a freelancer and thrown a few proposals out there. It’s not glamourous work, but it is work, and that’s important to have when my long-term career plans are – initially – quite slow earners.

I’ve opened a shopfront on Folksy. There are some things you’ve seen before and probably a few you haven’t, so I encourage you to have a look. The shop is based in the UK, and for those of you familiar with the US-centric Etsy, you’ll see some similarities in site behaviour.

Beyond that, I’m painting, drawing, and designing up a small storm. I have the drop-off details for a painting I completed recently, and the competition it is entering is a major one. I don’t expect to get anywhere in the event, but entering is a big deal for me and makes me feel great. Also, the work was one I needed to paint anyway, so I win, no matter what.

Other business going on… less bidness and more personal. Things around the house have been a little stressful (OK, very stressful) and this has caused some focus changes. I won’t go into details here, but we’re working through it, and that’s that.

Also, my dearest friend is now ending his marriage. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to that situation and helping as much as I can. Five or more years ago, I wouldn’t have seen it coming, but the divorce doesn’t surprise me now, and I hope they can work out as friendly an ending to their partnership as possible. They’re both great people, and I wish them well. On a purely selfish note, this means my best friend is moving closer to us soon(ish)! He has a house to fix up and sell off first, but I’ve offered to help with that too if he needs it. It’s been years since I had a buddy live closer than many miles or hours away, and I am really excited to go out and stir up adventure!

On the fitness front, I am still losing weight and getting stronger every day. I feel fantastic and weigh less than I have in years. I’m closing in on my target weight, and I will likely hit it within a week. I spent half of last Saturday naked, surrounded by mountains of clothes, trying on things I haven’t worn in years. It was wonderful and I have a lot of choice in the wardrobe again. Feels amazing.

That’s a wrap. Time to make dinner.