Caring and sharing

I’ve been friends with Pete for around six years. We were drawn to each other immediately online, and then in person, things only got stronger. We’ve often had contact periods that could be considered obsessive, as well as times where a week – perhaps two – has gone by without a peep between us. When we resume, it’s like no time has passed and our intimately similar brains fire at such a rate that one could be forgiven for believing in telepathy. I adore this friend, treasure him, and we have a kind of honesty and trust that is even rare amongst twins.

Pete lives four hours away from me. I can count the number of people I trust with anything on one hand. I am fortunate to have a few. This guy is one, and I wouldn’t trade him for a hundred geographically nearer pals. He’s working on improving that distance dramatically, but life has dealt him a tricky hand of late and complications abound. I get to see him on Friday, for a quick lunch as he and his wife drive through our part of the county, and it will be the highlight of my week.

As I said above, he’s having a complicated time, and I guess I wrote this so he knows he’s not alone, he is loved, and that I got his back.