On getting healthy

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to start the 100 Pushups programme. Well, it’s going well, but I have had to go back a couple of days because it’s getting hard. I’m no wuss, mind you, and yoga has given me an advantage with some of the arm and wrist strength, but I just found it unpleasant to complete the last set of the target. I’ve turned back the clock from 53 pushups to 47. Negligible amount? You try it and tell me. I have no problem with this minor setback as I have managed to get to 53 pushups (doing them every other day) in two weeks. I think I’m allowed a bit of leeway. I give myself permission.

Weightloss is steady. I’m down a pound every day or two. My secret? Read my post from the 6th – I follow my own advice. I also haven’t had a drop of alcohol for a week or two. I haven’t consciously cut it out, but I find that as I get healthier, I want it less. I already drink loads of water every day, so that is easy to continue, but for someone who loves absinthe and drinking homemade wine, the lack of desire for tipple is a new and interesting side effect of the last few weeks.

I find myself only a handful of pounds away from where I believe – realistically – I should be. I’ve been in peak shape before, so I know where it is. I see that place on the horizon. Nearly there. As long as I keep up the yoga and the moving around/eating less thing, there’s no reason I won’t cross my own personal finish line by the end of this month.
This makes me pretty damn happy.

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