World’s shortest diet book

So Aaron and I have had this recurring discussion about fitness. We practised yoga together for years (at different times of day, typically, so ‘together’ is a loose term), and we’ve both always disliked running. Well, it’s been years since I lived with him in the US and he’s now a runner. Crazy. I’m still doing yoga, though I fell out of practice for far too long. I’m working on making that a priority again because I love it, am naturally flexible, and it gives me an amazing body. I’m also doing the 100 Pushups programme and some workouts on Playstation 3’s Move Fitness game.

I live in a recognised “area of outstanding natural beauty” and the bit of coast I look out onto everyday is the top walk in Britain. I’ve been meaning to take more advantage of this but for some reason haven’t. Well, I know the reason(s)– I like to be comfy, I have a history of mood instability, and I like to eat. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m out there, I feel unstoppable and wonderful, but too often I sit here on my butt, ticky-tapping away on a keyboard and not noticing the hours whoosh by. That’s changing.

Two major things are intervening and my well-practiced slug routine is being chipped away: I WANT to feel better and look better, and I have a dog now. The dog needs walks, I need walks. These are mutually beneficial tasks. Also, I’m tired of not feeling my best. I know what my best feels like (it’s been years, but it was very memorable) and I long to return to that. Maybe it’s partly because I had another birthday and I don’t want another year to pass where I’m thinking about chubby arms, or maybe it’s that a best friend is kicking ass in his own quest for fitness, but whatever the fire, I’m getting on with it. I’m getting fitter and I’m losing weight healthily and rapidly already.

When Aaron and I discuss fitness, we inevitably come back to our idea for the world’s shortest diet book, and the realisation that it wouldn’t sell at all… it’s short, so short it’s more of a mantra. I’m going to share it with you now, for free, but you can always send me a donation for such concise advice 😉

Move around, and don’t eat so fucking much.

Thank me with sweat.

5 thoughts on “World’s shortest diet book”

  1. Great post – right on the button.

    I will thank you with sweat. It’s like fat weeping, after all.

    Keep me posted on the pushups challenge – that’s on my list when I’ve burned off some of the years of self-mistreatment. I’m-a comin’ for ya, Dixon, and when we can both do 100 pushups, I’ll race you. Winner buys lunch 🙂

  2. Jump on in, brother! It’s a great programme and there’s an app for it to help you along. I’m scheduled to do 47 today! Eek!

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