Along came a vineyard

North Cornwall is a funny place. You never know quite what’s going to pop up in your life next, and that’s down to an amazing bunch of people living in these rugged and rural parts. Case in point, I’m now going to co-run/co-make wine. Now I know you know that I already make home-batch wine, but this new venture is about a small vineyard and a good friend.

“How the, what the?” I hear you ask… Well, I’ve got a friend who has a daughter who knows an American guy who just bought a property a little north of us. Turns out the estate he’s renovating has a small, mature vineyard on the premises, but he has no interest in being the winemaker. My friend comes barrelling into our driveway one lunchtime, leaps from his car and brings in a bottle of wine to accompany his proposition. How would you like to make some wine, Jen.
Oh, no. I’ve no time for it. Things are going well for me, but I’ll go have a look with you, I say. We hit the road and meet the owner, march through some mud, and scope out the facilities.

Needless to say, my mind was changed. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, really. I’ll make time. I’ll make wine.

We’ve just had the vineyard work assessment/plan/schedule thing done and there is much to do, but we’ve got a professional to guide us and work with us.

You just never know what’s going to happen in North Cornwall. You could wake up one day a winemaker.