LtM – 12 January 2012

Hi Mama-

Missing you tonight, but not in a depressed sort of way- rather, I wish I could give you an update on things here. Things I know would make you smile.

2012 is starting off with success. The life drawing classes I teach continue to go very well and attendance numbers are good and steady. I launched my second local class today: still life drawing. I only had two students, but it was good. I hope to double attendance next week and just keep growing from there. I’m also in talks to do another class in a nearby village and private tutoring could be taking off soon too. You’d be so very proud of me. I’m doing what you knew I always could, and what I was afraid to believe was possible. Now I just feel great. Happy. Things feel right.

In other big news, I wish you could see our new dog! He’s very similar to Charlie; imagine him in pale blonde/golden tones, lanky, and taller. Jasper is likely different breeds than Charlie was, but he has that same gentle way and is what I’m calling my whiskerchild. We found him through a rescue/rehoming place a few hours away and couldn’t be happier. He’s bigger than we thought we’d adopt, and he had aged and changed significantly from the photo we saw online, but none of that matters. He really rounds out the home and is so good for Neil and I. I wish you could see him; you would be in total, complete love. (I think Jasper might have even convinced you to finally get your passport just so you could visit him! Forget London – look at this amazing dog!)

So I was checking some stats on my Flickr page and saw that I’ve had a few views of a photo of you and I from a vacation in South Carolina today. You looked beautiful and happy. I miss you and often think it would’ve been good to know you when you were a young mother, to be your friend. I sometimes feel cheated that I only knew you as a daughter.

Neil and Jasper have just come in from a walk and I have much to do before closing this day. I will likely be joining a small business organisation tomorrow… what a grown-up I am, eh? I don’t even know myself.

I love you.

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