Where I squeeze my butt into boy fit jeans for women

And it is a squeeze… What on earth possessed me to agree to a jeans review during the FATTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR? But, with the aid of some strategic photos, here I am, reviewing a pair of women’s jeans from Next.

I chose Belted ‘Boy Fit’ Jeans in a ‘Mid Wash’ and I have to give Next a big thumbs up for offering Petite length on so many of their items. I’m not a tall girlie (only 5’3″), nor am I one to wear heels, so to shlep around in my Converse All-Stars I typically have to cuff up my jeans. Not so with these. They are perfect. (See the shot of me in my clown socks.) It’s nice to not carry around the crumbs, dead leaves, and other nonsense that gets trapped in the bucket-like turn-ups of my other jeans.

I almost never get cheap jeans- it’s a false economy. These, however, are affordable and fit in a way that leads you to believe they actually pay attention to anatomy. The belt is not particularly functional (the braid slips through the D-rings too easily) but it’s attractive enough for a free accessory.

There’s nice detail stitching on the pockets, and the rise is quite low- a dead giveaway that these jeans aren’t borrowed from any boy. Perhaps I’m alone in thinking this, but why have back pockets slipped down towards the thigh? I use my back pockets, and I don’t think the downward drift is particularly flattering. (But no one asks me these things, clearly.)

I recommend you order one size larger than you would normally if you want these to fit more like they do on the model. I ordered the size I wear in Next shorts but should’ve factored in all the bloody cheese I eat in winter. They’re tight, but I do so love the cheese. Give me a few months and these will be one of my favourite pairs of jeans, but for now they’re going to live in the wardrobe, mingling with stored shorts. I’ll be in the kitchen…

Next Boy Fit Jeans provided for the purpose of review by Next. I have not been paid otherwise.