LtM – 9 December 2011

Hi Mom-

It’s been a big week! I’ve been teaching life drawing every week since spring and the class has just had its student exhibition! I’m so proud of them all. I have got the best group of people and it has been growing too! When we resume in January, I’ll also have a Thursday morning class at the chapel up the road – still life drawing – and there are plans to have an evening life class AND likely a class at the National Trust in the next village! I am so happy and I know you’d be proud of me. You’ve always encouraged me to follow art, and although I wasn’t always sure I could make it my life, you never seemed to doubt it.

Remember that blackboard paint you used in my room when I was little? Wow. I still want to have a wall like that now. When Neil and I have our own place, I’m definitely doing it.

As I walked around the room of guests and artists last night, I was calm, in control, and not at all nervous. This is without a doubt what I’m supposed to be doing. As people asked questions about me, I told about how I was probably the only six year old girl who didn’t want to be a ballerina, but instead wanted a New York warehouse loft with giant easels! Most people must think I’m exaggerating, but we know better.

Other big news: I passed my UK driving test today! It wasn’t hard, I wasn’t too nervous, but I do have some lazy habits from 23 years of driving (mostly in the US). Still, I passed and to celebrate I took the car out solo to Bude and got a new tattoo. One for you. You remember the silver bracelet you gave me years ago with Hamlet I iii 78 inscribed inside it? Well, I got the outside words, “To thine own self be true” tattooed inside my left forearm. I regret I can’t wear the bracelet with as much art and typing as I do, so I thought the next best thing would be to have these words tattooed. I feel like I am being true to myself, more than ever before.

Thank you. You’d be proud of me, mama.
I love you,

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