Super busy crazy face

So much to catch up on…

Life has been a bit of a strange beast lately. Only a couple of weeks ago, I located my two brothers (by adoption) on Facebook after 26 years of separation. Now, after several back and forths of video chats, email, and Skype messages, one of them is visiting in the upcoming spring and bringing his two children with him. It’s all weird and wonderful and the stuff of a much longer post, but it’s been a very eventful November.

Continuing on that eventfulness… Teaching life drawing couldn’t be better. My regular Wednesday class at Wooda Farm is solid in enthusiasm and attendance. My co-organiser and I have put together a plan to start an evening class (in addition to the day class) there in early spring. This alone is great news, but the news gets better still…
I have secured use of a room at a local church to begin still life drawing classes beginning in January, and as of yesterday, I have been invited to utilise a space in a neighbouring village as well.

In a short amount of time, I have made teaching a large part of my life and I am thrilled about it. Of course I feel great satisfaction in sharing, but the best part is seeing my students progress and grow in skill and expression with every session. I had forgotten what a thrill it could be to teach. Like the story about my long-lost brothers, this report too has much more to be written, but for now, understand that I am feeling very successful in this area of my life and career.

Freelance work is in the house too. It has put me a little behind in getting my book illustrations completed, but the money coming in is more important right now. When I began the journey into being a full-time artist for a living, I knew there would be a tough spell for income earning, but slow is almost not descriptive enough to describe the pace of pounds to the bank. Times are tough and art is a luxury item, I know. This facet of my success will come, but until it does, the web work has been most welcome.

I have a little bit of that web stuff to work on today, so away I go. Busy girl, these days. 🙂