Toll House cookies – a luxury

You wouldn’t think something as simple as chocolate chip cookies would be a luxury in the UK, and certainly there are plenty of them here, but Toll House cookies are unheard of.

When you’re raised on these you have a deep expectation as to what a cookie should be. Seemed there was always an open bag of morsels in the cupboard for direct ’emergency’ chocolate consumption use too. And butterscotch chips? Oh, let me wallow in the mention of butterscotch chips…

Still wallowing…


And I’m back. Yes, these little yellow bags of wonder have always been a huge part of my life, but here’s what I don’t get:
The UK has Nestlé products.
The UK likes baking cookies, even chocolate chip cookies.
The UK does not have Nestlé Toll House morsels.

Sure I can get them through import companies that sell other delights such as Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, and Aunt Jemima Syrup, but it is an expensive luxury to order from these companies, and to be honest, most of what they stock I am far healthier doing without anyway. I do place the odd order, but that’s my fault for introducing Neil to a few delicious American things, two of those being mentioned above.

The above photo of Toll House cookies is made possible by the selfless act of my dear friend Jodi. She packed her carry-on bag full of Toll House chips, Twizzlers, and Sour Patch Jellybeans. They must have thought she was the hungriest passenger ever. We made my favourite Toll House butterscotch oatmeal cookies while she was visiting us, and I’m trying to pace myself with the remaining bags of morsels. I’m not a big eater of sweets or baked things, but the comforting smell of fresh-baked cookies is something I’m enjoying tremendously today.

Thank you, Jodi!

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