I have been really slack at blogging, well, for the last year. That’s got to change. I’ve been posting bursts on Facebook, Google+, and – of course – Twitter, but my blog has suffered. The last year has been a bubbling pot of good and less-than-good, and the interference here has been obvious.
No more.

New commitment to may also lead to a new domain name – don’t worry though, this current one will redirect – using my real name as I move forward into life as an author. I’m not difficult to find via regularjen or my name on various search engines, but I’d like to streamline things and involving is something I’d like to do. Same kind of content as you’re used to, but more of it and also some bits about the books I’m writing. You’re excited, don’t try to hide it. 🙂

So yes, I’ll still be on those other services (FB, G+, Twitter etc.) but I need to get back on track here. I’ve been blogging as regularjen since 2003, and I’ll be here for as long as I can imagine.

And now, bring on the commitment.

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