From bracelet to tattoo, to thine own self be true

Mom bought a silver bracelet for me years ago and unfortunately I do so much with keyboards and art projects that I rarely have a chance to wear it. Also, I think I may not have been following its words as much as I should, in a sense, feeling hypocritical having it around my wrist.

To thine own self be true. – Hamlet, I iii 78

Only in the past week or so has it occurred to me that the perfect way to keep this message on my person, as mom intended, would be to have it tattooed. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m designing it now.

Years after receiving the gift, I at last feel like the words are a better fit; mom clearly was never in doubt that I would find truth in them. I’m learning more about how to be me without making excuses. I’m exploring former dreams as reality.

Thank you, mom, I think I’m finally getting there.

2 thoughts on “From bracelet to tattoo, to thine own self be true”

  1. Have you gotten your tattoo yet? I would love to see it. I wear a bracelet every day that says “to thine own self be true”. A great friend of mine used to say these words to me whenever I would seek his advice. He recently passed away and I would love to get those words tattoed on my wrist. I will never forget him or his advice and I want something that will last as my bracelet is starting to wear.

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