Iffyton – uniquely British t-shirts

…And maybe that’s why many of them don’t make sense to me, like the one my husband picked when we were offered a t-shirt for review. I had no idea who Lord Lucan was, but the shirt made him laugh…

As familiar as I am with lots of British culture, there are whole sections of Iffyton I don’t really get, but they do have a growing selection of shirts that seem less specific. Most of the range, even the non-Brit specific, aren’t to my taste, but I’m maybe a bit picky on my humour and imagery.

As for the Lord Lucan shirt, Neil says it’s average quality in softness and fit, but nothing particularly outstanding. Most of the shirts aren’t to his taste either (and neither of us is a football fan) but he was able to explain plenty of the references to me.

Iffyton leaves us a bit neutral. It’s unique in its offerings, but too cultural-reference oriented to offer our wardrobe much. However, if you’re looking for British shirts with attitude, Iffy’s got you covered.

Iffyton T-Shirt provided for the purpose of review by Iffyton T-Shirt Superstore.
I have not been paid otherwise.

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