Storm Tea review – put on the kettle!

The kind people at Storm Tea sent me a little taster pack of their gorgeous little ‘silk pyramids‘ organic tea to try and as I type this, I’m having a cup of the Organic Red Berry & Rose. This is a strange enough thing for me as I’m not typically a berry tea person, but there is something special in these bags, and you can tell it by look and smell before the stuff ever touches your lips.

The Organic Red Berry & Rose has a bold, tangy flavour that you won’t be accustomed to if you’re drinking any of the big name brands. Dry, it smells divine and looks like big, chunky potpourri. It steeps fast and turns your hot water a gorgeous, natural red. Drunk hot, the flavours are big and rich. If you let it sit until room temperature (which I do often because I’m forgetful) the tea becomes a really refreshing berry drink, one I can imagine would make a really amazing iced tea. (Might try doing that…)

I wish I had more than the one bag of the Organic Pure Peppermint, as it is very good. I like peppermint tea and keep it on hand, but I’ve never had anything smell so fresh and good for me. The chunky dried leaves in the pyramid look top quality and the taste is so rich for a peppermint tea; you can actually taste the natural peppermint oils in the walls of your mouth after every sip- delightfully fresh.

I have been spoiled with Storm Tea. I think I enjoyed this even better than that time I reviewed chocolate… yeah, I know!

Get some.

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Tea provided for the purpose of review by Storm Tea.
I have not been paid otherwise.