Entered Saatchi Showdown

If you are not familiar with Saatchi Gallery, it’s a London gallery for contemporary art started by Charles Saatchi to showcase his personal art collection, but has since become one of the most important galleries in the world. Saatchi Online is a branch of Saatchi Gallery and through social media models, aims for people to “Discover art. Get discovered.”

Showdown is a competition of sorts, where a pool of entries from Saatchi Online artists are voted on by the public and then by jury to win cash prizes and an exhibition space in a gallery. I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I entered Black Box 1, shown below, and public voting starts soon. Would you like to support me? If so, you can log into Saatchi Online using your Facebook log-in or create an account on Saatchi Online. Voting starts in a few days and your support for Black Box 1 would be appreciated more than you know.
Black Box 1 prints for sale on Saatchi Online.

I’ll be adding more work onto Saatchi Online, and you can purchase prints of much of it. Thank you for your support. You rock.

2 thoughts on “Entered Saatchi Showdown”

  1. I’ve registered [in my real name … eeeek]. Please remind me when public voting starts. I love this painting – as I said over at the Saatchi site the raw immediacy is very moving.

  2. Thank you. You should get your sculptures up there – you can sell originals through Saatchi Online…

    I’ll be sure to trumpet in a few days for everyone to get involved. I’m pretty sure my mom would’ve loved this painting too. That pleases me.

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