Toes need love too

I don’t wear particularly girlie shoes, in fact, I spend a good deal of my day either barefoot or in a pair of cozy but ugly boots. So why on earth would I sign up for a product review for Deluxe Pampered Toes by Ped Egg from JML? I’m a toe curler and always have been. It’s an anxiety thing and so my toes are almost always in some partially curled state. The lifetime of doing this has not left my toes particularly deformed – they’re not pretty, but not deformed – but I do have to consciously think about flattening out and stretching my toes out. They often crack when I walk and are not easy to paint. Maybe lots of people are like this, but one thing is for sure: I’ll never be a foot model…

It’s from this angle that I wanted to try the Pampered Toes™. I don’t guess I’ll ever train the anxiety out of my feet, but if I can stretch my little piggies, it should feel pretty good.

So does it? Kind of. I also had Neil try them for a slightly different perspective and to test the package claim that they’re good for men or women.

First, his experience:

“A little tricky to get them properly fitted: I had to shove my toes around much more than I expected to. Once on they are quite comfortable and I can see how they would ease tension in the feet and toes after they have spent a day squished-up in tight shoes.”

Pretty good so far, but he finds after half the recommended wearing time, things go downhill:

“The problem comes after about five minutes. Being someone who doesn’t like the feeling of things between his toes, I could not bear them on any longer and had to get them off.
A few minutes after removing them, a couple of my toes are a little itchy. I wouldn’t go so far to say I have a full-blown allergic reaction to them, but between my smallest toes in particular feel a little irritated.”

The irritation went away quickly, he told me, but it’s safe to say that although the Pampered Toes may have their therapeutic uses, that he’d have to really need them to use them again.

As for me, I’m not much of a flip-flop wearer, so I didn’t have high hopes for comfort to begin with, but I am patient. The Pampered Toes can be fiddly to put on for the first time, but you get the hang of it and the next time you use them goes much more smoothly. The rubbery stuff they’re made from collects dust like nobody’s business, but I’m sure a rinse will fix that. I have smallish toes and found that I kept adjusting the depth of the ‘tween toes parts to make sure they were shoved in as far as they could be. They’re not uncomfortable, but you certainly know you are wearing them.

After ten minutes – the recommended time to give your toes “Spa Therapy” (and you must stay seated for this – don’t walk in them) – my toes did feel stretched out, but also oddly violated. My pinky toes felt a little out of whack, and I found myself raising my feet and pressing my toes hard into a bend to get things back to ‘normal’.

I’m going to try them again after a long hike to see if I feel the benefit more, but in this household, we found them just simply OK. Perhaps if Neil and I spent time in fancy heels it’d be a different review, but since we don’t…

Pros: nice, soft material, stretchy, not uncomfortable, does stretch your toes apart
Cons: we didn’t feel “revitalised” or “refreshed” as the package claims, fiddly to put on, can’t walk around in them

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