Beach clean up with the National Trust

This was the third time I’d volunteered to work for the National Trust and the task involved one of my all-time favourite beaches: The Strangles.

Situated a few miles from home, the beach is a huge, sandy thing but very low on visitors. The reason? It’s a hard twenty minute hike down and a harder hike up from it. The trek is worth it any day and the beach has all the drama you could want- boulders and rock formations, mussel colonies, a natural stone arch… Strangles is glorious.

It was pissing down with rain when we started down the path, but fortunately the rain became drizzle before becoming merely overcast. The unpleasant weather meant it was only me, a ranger, and another volunteer for the two hour clean, but we did a great job. Bags and bags of rubbish were gathered and then hauled, painfully, up the path again. It was exhausting but I loved it.

Looking forward to my next adventure with them. We’ve rebuilt/repaired woodland paths, cleared brush for a butterfly meadow, and now cleaned bottles, cans, and all sorts of odd rubbish (found Russian sun cream) from The Strangles. It’s always hard work with NT, but a really good feeling to give back to the area I love so much.

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