Like cat mother, like cat son

These were taken on my Macbook camera while I was in Janesville last summer. I miss my cats (and silly dog) but they live safe and happy with Aaron in Wisconsin. Seeing them infrequently, you can’t imagine how much I love that Rocket (pictured with me) and I still act like mother and son.

Notice we have the same expressions in these photos. Yeah, I know.

Crazy cat lady in training…

2 thoughts on “Like cat mother, like cat son”

  1. I found you! How are you! Rocket looks ALOT bigger than the last time I saw him! He’s socut and I bet he misses his mamma! Did you make it to the farm when you were here last summer? I finally made it out there 2 weeks ago for the first time in like 3 or 4 years. I miss and I’m close enough 2 go whenever. I bet you miss it a lot. I don’t get on the computer much and don’t have a twitter account but Iam on facebook so I check that and my email from time to time. I hope everything is good and hope to hear from ya! Love and miss you!

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