Fitness – Yoga and the Coastal Path

I have an iPhone app that is capable of monitoring my heart rate – Instant Heart Rate – and discovered something very interesting today:

Walking down to the beach and back is a heart-pumping downhill/uphill climb and I have measured in my fatburning zone of 133 bpm. I just did an hour of Inhale with Steve Ross (my favourite yoga programme) and, before cool down, I was 134 bpm.

For all those who think yoga doesn’t get your heart rate up, it most certainly can. Of course, it depends on the type/style of yoga you do, but if you’re doing Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga, you’re likely burning fat. This explains why I had such a great little body when I was doing yoga five times per week (I also ate less, though not through any effort to do so). After a few years without regular yoga, I am working my way back up to that level of involvement again.

I’m also balancing out my fitness these days with more outdoor activity and am looking forward to warmer weather when I’ll be taking my mat down to the beach. (Yes, I’m going to be one of those people.) Also, starting next month, I’ll be training on the North Cornwall Coastal Path for much longer walks than the leisurely miles I do now. I have never lived in such a stimulating environment and although I was very successful with indoor, home yoga practice in the past, I am itching to do so much more outdoors.

Feels great.