Busy bee

The bank is going to love me… I’ll be sending an invoice out for a freelance job soon and that moolah will go into my new business bank account! Hooray! It’s a start, and although it’s document and graphics related, not art, it feels good to know that my first deposit will be happening soon.

I’ve been fighting with my photography set-up to get properly lit and balanced photos of my art shot, but progress has been slow there. I think I just about cracked it, so it looks like that’s my weekend plan. I know that these first few months of the new art career will be difficult and, at times – tedious, but it’s all necessary. Workflows, job tracking, invoices, business cards, promo packs, CV, databases, web updates, social networking, reading/researching, and yes – even creating art and writing once in awhile – is what February is all about.

That, wine and a well-deserved bubble bath now and again.

One thought on “Busy bee”

  1. To quote SNL, Booyah Booyah Booyah.
    Kick butt and take names you creative little..(fill in expletive of your choosing)
    A good start, and so soon!

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