No mess bird feeder filler

I like fixing silly problems, and here’s one of my favourites: filling the bird feeder is messy. Funnels are too small, cups too big… What to do?

Make a super scoop!
You’ll need a small milk jug – 2 pints will do nicely, a marking pen (permanent ink is best), and a craft knife.

Mark the jug with a scoop line like this:

Carefully – very carefully – cut along your line. I snipped the last corner curve with scissors as it was easier.

Make sure the milk cap is screwed on the end as normal, and use your fancy new recycled scoop.

Open the cap over the opening of your bird feeder and marvel at how you didn’t spill a single seed! Hooray!

Now go make some birds happy this winter. 🙂

5 thoughts on “No mess bird feeder filler”

  1. I would make our instructors cringe, but no- I just grabbed stuff and created. No 50 ideations and a prototype first… Sheesh. I am an embarrassment to our degrees. 😛

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