LtM – 15 November 2010

Oh my gawd, Mom- you would’ve been so excited today! NASA had a press conference to announce a new black hole near us! Well, relatively near us anyway. So, they think it is either an infant black hole of around 30 years of ‘observed’ age, or possibly a pulsar wind nebula like the Crab Nebula. Either way, they’ve got so much x-ray data to get through before they know more. They seem to be leaning towards black hole though. Oh, and it’s already 5x the size of our sun. Eek! Cool!

I tuned into the live web broadcast of the NASA press conference and tweeted along with it. You know how they have trending topics on Twitter? Well you’d be as disappointed as I was to know that nothing from the announcement even hit the popular radar. Everyone is so consumed with celebrity this, celebrity that. It’s depressing. This is the biggest stellar announcement in ages and no one cares. Makes me sigh and I imagine you metaphorically rolling in your grave.

Days are better. I’m better. I’m not good, but I’m less bad. It’s important you know that. I thought about upping my anti-depressant dosage but have decided against it. I’m not willing to blur any of this time or emotion. It’s all too important; you’re too important. My occasional wish to get through this better/quicker/number are selfish and cowardly. I’ve had my selfish moments, sure, but this isn’t time for it and I’m pretty sure you know I’m not chicken.

Spoke to Jodi yesterday. It was good. She’s really looking forward to visiting next year and I can’t wait to see her and share this amazing place with her. I really am grateful for my small circle of amazing friends. I can count them on one hand and I think I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m off to make supper. I’m smiling. I think you would be too.

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